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At A+ Quality Fence and Deck, we are proud to offer cypress fencing as one of our most popular fence products. Cypress fence is naturally weather-resistant, and, if maintained properly can last for years. If you have an old wood fence that needs to be replaced or this is your first fence, call us today at 334-277-1167 and schedule an estimate or click here to request an estimate.

Cypress is a beautiful, straight-grained, light-colored wood with a wonderful fragrance that is very durable. With its legendary hardiness and durability, cypress also works well outside the home, including siding, trim, decks, fences, shutters, window boxes, and landscape design elements. When milled, cypress typically displays a predominantly yellow tone, with reddish, chocolate, or olive hues. Noted for its color consistency, density, imperviousness to insects, and relative lack of knots, cypress is superbly workable, easily machined and installed, and readily finished.

We also offer cedar and pine fencing as an option.
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