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Wood Fences

Choosing a wood fence may seem like an easy choice, but beware - there are many considerations.


First, there is the framework.  The most common choice is treated pine. Treated lumber comes in many levels of treatment. The higher the treatment, the better the chance the lumber can withstand the elements, moisture, and higher level of rot resistance.

Occasionally, customers may choose to have metal posts with their wood fence. In our area, this is not necessary and would be considered a preference.


The next item used on the fence for the framework is the stringer or the horizontal framework that the fence pickets are attached to. These also have different levels of treatment. We recommend a ground contact rating as the lowest stringer will be close to the ground and over time may have debris against it or may sit in an area that is slower to dry out after the rain. To offer the best fence we can, we use the same ground contact rated stringers for all of our horizontal frameworks. 

Privacy Fences: The fence pickets most commonly used to complete a privacy fence are cypress, cedar, treated pine, or other hybrid trees. Cypress is our wood o choice. Cypress is a more stable product and grows in the swamps which helps it to be naturally bug resistant. Cedar is also an option. These are not as easily available and are usually more expensive due to shipping costs. Cypress is farmed locally from the swamps from the Carolina coasts through the Texas coast. Cedar is usually shipped in from Canada or the west coast. Beware there are also cedar look-a-likes. They may be called white cedar or cedar toned-this is another wood species that has had a cedar coloring added. Also, there are imported cedars or other species sometimes called "white pine". In our diligence to provide the best products available for our customers, we have tried many products and have determined that although not perfect, the best picket option for a privacy fence is cypress. Treated 3/4" thick premium fence pickets are another good choice. 

Picket fences: Depending on the height and style, the fence pickets most commonly used to complete are cypress and treated pine. 

Spindle fences: Usually, the spindles are 2" x 2" treated pine, but could also use 2" x 4" treated pine. 

Rail fences: There are several choices for the rails on a rail fence. The most commonly chosen is a treated rough sawn 1" x 6". Sometimes a thicker rail is wanted. The most common is a 3" x 6" rough sawn treated rail. Another common choice is creosote rails. This is a darker brown to blackish colored lumber. This choice is only available under certain restrictions. A third choice is a standard treated 2" x 6". One other choice is a 5/4" deck board. We usually refrain from this option as our experiences show this to be more prone to warping. 

Things to remember: Wood is a natural product. Wood will have blemishes and color variances. There will be knots. Checking and cracking are common and to be expected. Wood may warp or shrink as it dries and sometimes both. Usually these do not affect the integrity or the function of the fence and are not warranted items. 

Ornamental Fences

Ornamental Fence is a great way to add security and elegance to any property. Our Ornamental Fence products by Ameristar have the look and strength of wrought iron at a fraction of the cost. Request an estimate today and find out how affordable an ornamental fence can be.

Automated Gates 

Automated Gates & Custom Iron Gates

An automated driveway gate or access gate can add beauty, security, and value to your home, business, government, or housing community. With a customized design that reflects your style and an easy to use access system, it creates a welcoming first impression. You'll work with courteous, experienced gate specialists who make it easy to design, install, and maintain, a dependable entry gate with which you are thrilled to own.

A Trusted Leader in Custom Gates

Since 1996, families, businesses, government entities, and communities have trusted Montgomery-based A+ Quality Fence and Deck to deliver the best in custom gates including driveway/entrance gates, pedestrian gates, access controls, and iron fencing. From beautiful security and privacy gates to high-security gate systems, you can see our experience and craftsmanship in the durability and finish details of every system. At A+ Quality Fence and Deck, there are no prefabricated or packaged solutions. Your custom gate or iron fencing is carefully fabricated and professionally installed. 

Secure Your Home or Business with Your Own Style

Whether it's your family crest, a favorite image, your business logo or something you've doodled on a napkin, A+ Quality Fence and Deck designers make it easy to turn your vision into reality. In-house design and fabrication departments allow us to easily customize your gate design to fit your unique style. Make your entry gate a one of a kind creation.

Call today or contact us to learn more about adding beauty, security, and value to your home or business with a beautiful, life-time gate system, 334-277-1167.

Decks, Arbors & Pergolas

More info coming soon. 

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