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Specie: Ipe>Tabebuia spp. is a South American hardwood that is naturally strong, durable, and
decay/termite resistant. The decking material is knot free and needs no preservative treatment. It can
be left in the "raw" or can be coated with the coating stain of your choice. Hardness is approximately 3
times that of Oak. Because of its hardness and good dimensional stability, it is well suited for
exterior/outdoor applications. Ipe is one of the hardest, most dense woods on earth. Unlike softwoods,
water absorption is slow and therefore it is less likely to cup, bow, or twist like other woods in service.
Applications for use include: Patios and Decks, piers, boat docks, outdoor furniture, walkways, golf car
bridges and paths, pool side benches and decks.


Premium Grade Cumaru decking is an exotic hardwood species native to South America. It is extremely
dense and rich in colour and appearance.

Incredible Strength and Durability
5 times harder than pine, cedar and redwood and over 10 times stronger than composite decking
products. Rated in the most durable hardwood category of all species worldwide.

Long Life
Rated 25 years against decay and insect damage. Applications that have withstood 50 years testify to
the longevity of this material. Highest USDA durability rating.

Maintenance Free
With Cumaru decking, the application of sealers is purely optional. Cumaru decking naturally weathers to
a beautiful, silver-grey patina.

Fire Resistant
Cumaru Decking boasts a fire rating of Class A, the same as concrete or steel.

Environmentally Sound
Cumaru is harvested from managed forest projects. It is naturally seasoned and kiln dried to prevent
shrinkage. There are no chemical additives or preservatives.

*What is Cumaru Decking?
Cumaru decking is an extremely durable Peruvian hardwood produced at facilities in Peru. It has
incredible strength and natural resistance to decay, rot, insect damage (marine boring worms and
termites) and its fire rating makes it a perfect wood for long-life exterior decking, docks, benches, and

*Does Cumaru Decking require special installation?
Cumaru has incredible density and strength and does require proper working tools. Recommended,
carbide tipped saw blades and tapered, hardened steel or diamond drill bits. Installation requires
pre-drilling of holes. There are many fastener systems in the market which allow for a solid clean surface.

*Does Cumaru Decking require maintenance?
Cumaru is totally maintenance free after installation. To maintain its rich tone, apply a UV inhibitor such
as Penofin. Cumaru will weather to a beautiful silver-grey patina.

*What other application can Cumaru be used for?
Its strength and durability allow it to be used for all exterior and interior construction.

*How does Cumaru Decking compare to Ipe?
Cumaru's density, workability, durability and characteristics are nearly identical to that of Ipe (Density @
12 % moisture content of 1090 kg/m3 and green density of 1280 kg/m3.) Its durability is very high in
its resistance to fungi, insects and marine borers.  

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